Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Today businesses are becoming more and more dependent on computer systems to run smoothly, as a result hardware failures or data loss could be costly to your business. An offsite data backup solution (tape backup or cloud storage solution) duplicates critical company data to a secure storage facility offsite. Long term retention and incremental backups provide a cost effective highly redundant data recovery solution for your business. 

In certain industries a level of disaster planning is a requirement for businesses.

hard drive failure no backup or data recovery plan

Backup, Recovery or Continuity?

Many businesses now are looking to develop a continuity plan.

A business continuity plan states how long it would take in the event of a disaster for their employees to return to work (recovery time objective), and at that point what the level of data loss would be (recovery point objective).

Our Solutions For Your Business

In the first instance we look to ensure that every company that we support has an off-site backup every night. In the event of a problem, anything from a single file to their full data and email can be easily recovered.

  • We can integrate a cloud backup solution into your existing network environment
  • 15 minute to 24 hour data loss prevention
  • Back to work in minutes not hours
  • Offsite replication for site wide disasters
  • Replicate backups to a local or network share so you are prepared for small disasters
  • Balance storage space with retention policies that you set
  • Proactive notification and monitoring

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